My article about LAN level ad-blocking, Interceptor, has been published in Linux Magazine #232.

Rubén Llorente, holding a copy of the magazine

I conceived this article as a companion to my Unbound server tutorial, published by the same magazine. DNS and HTTP filters complement each other when the administrator is trying to prevent advertisements from entering a Local Area Network. Linux Magazine #232 also has a Pi-hole tutorial, which demonstrates yet another way to block advertisements. This issue is a must have if you are interested in ad filtering.

What will you find in the article?

My piece includes information about how to use Privoxy effectively. Privoxy is a filtering proxy, which can be configured to remove unwanted content from websites when you visit them. It is very detailed. I also explain how to import existing blacklists into a Privoxy instance, and I have some example firewall rules in order to ensure that everybody in the LAN uses your proxy.