Developing Tiny Core Linux Extensions

I am glad to introduce “Tiny Extensions”, a Linux Magazine article published in issue #243. The article is a detailed tutorial for building your own Tiny Core Linux packages.

Tiny Core is a small, compact Linux distribution. It allows to deploy a minimalist operating system everywhere you can boot from an USB drive. The core Operating System is small, and the distribution’s repository is not extensive, so if you need extra functionality, you are likely to have to build it yourself. Tiny Extensions was born when I found myself creating my own Tiny Core Linux packages, and realized I could as well document the procedures involved.

For the record: we have been testing Tiny Core Linux in the clinic I work for, in order to run medical image viewers in low end hardware. I think it is important to highlight the benefits of Linux and BSD operating systems for small firms when it comes to cutting costs. Running a compact operating system instead of the latest Windows version means a business can use modern software in old machines, instead of having to purchase a batch of new computers every few years.

This article represents a milestone in my career as a technical writer, since it includes a picture of one of my mares. You are nobody until a picture of your mare hits a prestigious technical publication, such as Linux Magazine.