Custom Repair Toolkit

I am announcing the publication of my latest article: Custom Repair Toolkit. It is a guide for creating custom images of System Rescue, a Linux distribution designed as a rescue and recovery system to fix crashed machines.

This article is quite interesting because, in addition to offering proper explanation to features documented in System Rescue’s official site, it also explains how this Linux distribution can be used as a poor man’s OS provisioning system. The idea is that you may boot your custom image on a computer, and the computer will morph into the sort of server you need it to be automatically.

Do you need a file server? Set your System Rescue image to download an FTP server and configure it if it detects it is being assigned a certain IP Do you need a chat server? You may use the same image, and set it to download a chat server if it detects it has been assigned a different IP. Possibilities are endless.

You may find the article in Linux Magazine #274.