I2pd port for OpenBSD updated

I have updated my i2pd OpenBSD port to version 2.20.0. This port has not been submitted to the OpenBSD mailing list and, as for now, only lives in my personal ports branch.

I2pd is a C++ implementation of the i2p networking subsystem. I2p itself is an anonymous pseudo-darknet, not much unlike Tor’s well known hidden service features. Unlike Tor, I2p is designed as a hidden service network only, which means it is not an anonymizer you would use for connecting to a regular clearnet service. Instead, it allows the user to anonymously connect to services hosted anonymously by operators connected to the network. I2p as a network provides end-to-end integrity and encryption communications, is able to transport UDP packets and can be used as a platform to host multitude of distributed services, such as torrent swarms or Bitmessage-like networks.

The reference I2p client is a Java program, which is a fact that has been heavily criticized by users. I2pd allows people who is weary of running Oracle’s JRE or OpenJDK to use an alternative solution.

A copy of the port is available at my gopherhole.