About the dgamelaunch service interruption

Some of you might have noticed that my roguelike server has been down for some months. I think an official statement is in order. Better late than never!

It turns out the hardware hosting the games started showing issues due to old age, so I migrated most of my services to a new machine. The game server, and the CVS repository, were backed up but not put back online right away because I lacked the time.

Good news is that summer holidays have allowed me to put my TODO list in order. I have rebuilt the dgamelaunch instance and loaded upgraded versions of Brogue and Rapid Brogue, which will be offered as releases 1.12 and 1-4-0, respectively. I am still testing the new deployment, but it should be available to players in a matter of weeks.

If you are an existing user, your games and recordings are preserved.

Thanks for playing classic games with me!